“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord,
“plans to prosper and not harm you,
plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11 NIV)

The Gloria S. Friend Christian Academy’s mission is to educate and develop children of Christ-like character who seek to fulfill God’s divine plan in their lives through hard work, perseverance, and the use of their spiritual gifts and talents.


Nadia Reed

Hello my name is Nadia Reed and I’ve been with The Academy since the fall of 2002. I am passionate about educating students and instilling in them academic, social, and spiritual principles that will empower them to live out their purpose. I thank God for sending me to The Academy and using me as a vehicle to meet the needs of His children. Kindergarten through sixth grade is a very crucial point in a child’s academic foundation. During this time, the foundation will affect the continuation of their emotional and academic growth. By the time students reach upper elementary grades, they are expected to mature and show actions of responsibility. I want my students to know that with hard work and perseverance, they can accomplish the goals that are set for them. In teaching the students here at The Academy, we first assess the initial academic level of each student. This allows us to formulate our lessons in such a way that will challenge the student to grow, without being overwhelmed. We set forth attainable goals for each student in order for them to meet the standard objectives established by the State of Ohio. With small classroom sizes at GSFCA, we are able to meet the individual needs of the student. We adapt our teaching style to include the various learning styles of the students. We understand at times the student can feel frustrated or defeated when facing difficulty in different subject areas. We remind them, they are created fearfully and wonderfully in God’s image; and they can overcome the challenges they face because they can do all things through Christ whom strengthens them. The Academy helps to strengthen each child by allowing them to use his/her individual gifts and talents; and by integrating the word of God into all academia of math, science, social studies, and language arts. I am an educator that firmly believes in discipline. I want the students to know that they will be held accountable according to the expectations set forth at The Academy. I strive to help students understand that we live in accordance to rules/laws, and are held accountable to them. We have the Bible which states to us the “Laws of God” as well as our government which gives us the “laws of the land.” I want them to understand that I will lovingly dispense consequences when they break the school rules. I do this to help them build character and become good citizens so they will not break any “laws” and face more severe consequences later in life. By understanding the lifestyle of obedience, they will know how to develop their personal relationships with God, allowing them to live their lives according to His purpose.

Partnership with Parents

It is important for parents to realize that the staff of The Academy are simply “partnering” with them to continue the child’s education. The first part of education begins at home. From the parents, children learn how to talk, how to interact with others, and establish home study habits. In order to help in this partnership, it is important that parents examine the principles that we teach, the standards we have, and the expectations we require. In partnering with us, the parent is saying that they agree with the expectations given and are willing to help the student reach these expectations. Therefore, we ask that you reinforce the academic, behavioral, and spiritual principles at home that we implement in school. It is important that each parent work with their child on all their academic subjects each night to help practice the skills learned in class. Students need to see the unification between the parents and educators. God is not the author of confusion, and we do not promote disunity within The Academy. Instead, we ask that you partner with us knowing that we are doing our very best to help your child.

What I Want Students to Remember

I want my students to remember that I sincerely love them. I want them to remember me as a woman of God who loves to worship Him with all her heart. I want them to remember their experience at The Academy as a time of learning, growth, and excitement. I want them to remember that God loves them, has a plan for them, and they can follow that plan by responding in obedience to Him. I want them to remember to take advantage of every educational opportunity God opens for them to help fulfill that plan.


Shirley Chambers

My name is Shirley Chambers and I am the Administrative Assistant of The Gloria S. Friend Christian Academy. I have served faithfully since 1993. When I began this journey several years ago, it was merely just a job for me, but since I have been at the Academy, it has become more of a ministry. I view my position as an outreach ministry. I get the opportunity to minister and serve parents and children in the greater Columbus community, and I do not take that opportunity lightly.

I know that it was God who opened the door for me to be at the Academy after I graduated from Columbus State Community College with a Bachelor's degree in Secretarial Science. I had the privilege of working with the late Dr. Gloria S. Friend, and what a privilege it was. First I worked with her as a volunteer when she was the Director of Christian Education in the church. When she became the Administrator of the Academy, she asked me to join her as her first employee.



Alexis Greene

Hi! I would like to introduce myself as the third and fourth grade teacher at The Gloria S. Friend Christian Academy. My name is Alexis Greene and I have taught for over 12 years. God has ordered my steps and I have been obedient, including walking through the doors of The Gloria S. Friend Christian Academy. God has placed me here not just to teach academics, but to minister to each child and his/her family. What a great God we serve!

My Classroom

As students enter my classroom, I make sure they feel welcomed with many bright colors, open space, hugs and smiles. Initially, I assess the students to cater to their academic needs. I realize everyone has unique learning styles; therefore, in the classroom, I attempt to reach each learning style to ensure success. If additional attention is needed, I make myself available.

What I want students to remember

I want my students to remember that math is fun and not intimidating. Put God 1st and everything else will fall into place. And most of all, God loves them no matter what.

What will my students learn?

My students will learn PROA:

  • Prioritize what's important.
  • Responsibility to God, authority figures, and themselves.
  • Organization keeps you healthy.
  • Accountability keeps your character in outstanding status.

Monica Williams

Hello, I would like to introduce myself as the Kindergarten Teacher at The Gloria S. Friend Christian Academy. My name is Monica Williams and I have been teaching at The GSFCA since the reopening in 2002. Education and Christianity are both very important to me. I relay this to my students by modeling how important it is to have a relationship with God and education. In my classroom I provide a loving, caring, and safe environment for students to learn.

My Philosophy of Education

As an educator, I have taken a responsibility to meet all students where they are and to guide them through a successful academic school year. Through Christian teachings, love, and values, the students will begin to learn how essential these principles are to our lives.

My Classroom

Kindergarten is the most fundamental period in a child's life. Kindergarten abilities are building blocks for skills needed for future grades. Therefore, I have designed my classroom and expectations according to The Ohio State Standards and Benchmarks. I incorporate various learning and teaching strategies when I create lessons and activities. I begin the school year with modeling and guided practice. Once those skills have been taught and practiced in adequate time; I expect the students to perform the task independently. I allow time for assessments, reflection, and re-teaching of a skill, if necessary.

The classroom daily schedule is structured and followed rigorously. My goal is to have the students engaged and working to the best of their abilities. Parent involvement is also significant. I am available to parents through letters, conferences, weekly newsletters, and behavior charts in the students’ take home folders. I encourage and welcome parental support in any and all aspects which encourage the growth and well-being of children and their educational careers.


Raheem Elmore

Hello my name is Raheem Elmore. I am the 5th and 6th grade teacher. I have wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember. Teaching is important to me because it is the structure for growth in knowledge, and knowledge may be the single most important quality of life. I want to make the world better by doing my part to help the future and the present, one bright mind at a time. I will inspire not only my students, but also myself, with the belief that everyone is significant and we all can make a difference and do what we want if we strive for it with all our hearts. I want to make a difference in the lives of your students by giving them something to believe in and showing them that someone believes in them. If I can improve the life of a student and they continue the trend, then I will be one step closer to my goal of making the world a better place. Thus, as an educator at The Academy, I want to prepare the students not only for their next level of education, but also for their next stage in life. Together, my class and I will learn and grow from our experiences with each other daily.

Philosophy of Education

My teaching philosophy is simple. It addresses four key questions that reflect both my personal values as a teacher and the needs of my students. These questions include: To What End? By What Means? To What Degree? and Why? My objectives as a teacher consist of being able to provide students with two different types of education. The first type of education I will provide them with is formal education, which includes the information a student needs to know in order to be successful in a school setting regulated by the standards and curriculums set by the state, school district, and the nation. More importantly, I will provide them with life lessons involving Biblical application, a type of education that helps a student grow as a person.

Why The Academy?

What attracted me to The Academy is the special opportunity to be able to teach at a Christian school. I have the opportunity to surround myself with like-minded individuals who strive to live lives of positivity, molding themselves in the image of God. I also like the fact that I have a chance to be able to enrich my students spiritually. My class will be a support system. We will strive every day to transform our class atmosphere into a beacon of positivity promoting Christ-like behavior. My Classroom expectations are simply to hold every student accountable for their growth, actions and education.

Parent Involvement

Parental Involvement is always welcome in the classroom, and I will strive to do my best to always keep parents informed. I want the lines of communication to be as open as possible. It takes a harmonious effort from the parents, teacher, and student in order to ensure the success of conveying knowledge. What I Want My Students to Remember

I want my students to remember the example I set for them as a young person trying to lead a positive life. Even more, I want my students to remember the lessons, both academically and Biblically, that they’ve learned. I want for them to be able to draw from the experiences that we have had in order to make thorough, conscious decisions.


Tina Johnson

I feel I have the spiritual gift of teaching. When I was in the fifth grade my teacher declared I was unable to academically perform due to my inability to read aloud. I carried that stigma for many years and allowed it to stop my educational growth. I later realized that God wanted to take that bad situation, and use it for His glory instead of allowing this rejection to freeze my faith. So, the answer to the question, “Why Teach?” I can’t stop what I won’t confront. I am passionate about uncovering the lie of the enemy that a struggling child “can’t learn.” It is crucial for every child to understand they are capable of learning and they are worth teaching. I want them to realize that with God all things are possible.

Why teach at The Academy?

I wanted to teach at a school where God is welcomed, the classrooms are small, but growing, and the Administrative staff looks for and requires excellence. I believe this is The Academy. I taught Sunday school, Bible Study and preached the gospel of Jesus Christ for many years. Once I obtained my Bachelor’s degree from Ohio Christian University, the pull to teach became greater. My classroom expectation is that all students value themselves and others. I expect each student to be honest, ethical, and to practice Christ-like and strong moral values. It is expected for all members of the school community and all visitors to be treated with politeness and respect. I want each student to honor the ideas and opinions of others, offer to help their classmates when appropriate, to be responsible with personal belongings and school property, and to complete all work assignments to the best of his or her ability.

Parent-Teacher Teamwork

I welcome parental visits and invite parents to volunteer in my classroom. I want to have open door communication with parents concerning their student and his/her academic, behavioral, and spiritual growth. Most importantly, I strive to establish a strong parent-teacher working relationship. I will honor and respect them as we provide a mutual understanding to obtain and reach the goals that we as a team have agreed to.

What I Want the Students to Remember

If my students could describe me with one word, I would want that word to be “innovative.” I try to think “outside the box” when coming up with ways to reach my students. I want my students to remember our class theme scripture, Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me,” and my favorite statement to them, “Never give up, never quit.” I want my students to remember that I care about them. I care about their success as well as failures. I care about their triumphs, and their pain. With the help of the Lord, I am here to help and support them through good and bad times.


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The Gloria S. Friend Christian Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, color, national origin or ancestry.