Division Leaders

Christian Education

Dr. Charlene Watkins

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Deacon Robert Childs
Discipleship Ministries Division Director

Trustee Penny Singletary and Sister Rosalyn Price
Christian Education Secretaries


Ministry Development

Karen Hunnicutt-White

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." (Jeremiah 29:11)

I have served as Director of Ministry Development for over twelve years. God has blessed me with the responsibility of providing leadership and guidance for eleven ministries. I am truly humbled by this assignment as it allows me to serve with other servants as we seek to bring glory to the kingdom of God in demonstrating our love for Christ as we minister with and for one another.

My favorite scripture is Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." My desire is to always make God proud as I press forward in fulfilling the purpose for which I was created.

My love for the Lord and my passion for 'servant' service is my number one priority as I seek to serve the Kingdom of God with excellence.


Missions & Outreach

Rev. Dr. Sharron Tucker is not focused on just one ministry in the church. She is led and blessed to direct 18 of them, excluding major events. She shared her love for the ministries, "I am in love with anything that deals with the marginalized."

She stated, "I didn’t deal with…the ministry. It was the furthest thing from my mind. I planned to be a teacher until retirement. God called me to work with people who now sit where I had sat…that’s on margins…because He brought me back from the edge, I can’t refuse to be used to do the same thing.”

When discussing her passion for God and church, she explained, "There is no separation between my calling and my daily life. I have His story and my story. I know how God can move. I can’t help but tell it to someone else. I have seen Him move in the lives of people that the world had given up on, and they ended up exceeding what is imaginable."

In today's society, many pulpits still refuse to welcome women. Dr. Tucker is especially thankful that is not the case amongst her church family at Mt. Olivet Baptist. "I am given free rein to do the work that I was called to do. The support is here and there is a strong ministry focus on outreach here," she said.

"My husband, Phillip and I have been worshipping at Mt. Olivet Baptist Church for approximately nine years. I came here to work under Dr. Booth. I met him in seminary. I knew nothing about his preaching or his church. The heart of Dr. Booth was so large that I trusted Him."

“In this house,” Reverend Tucker said, “you will encounter the authentic gospel and the love of Christ.”


Music and Arts

Willie B. Barthel, Jr. began his music career as a child. Growing up at Greater Liberty Temple Church of God In Christ, Willie was asked to play one Sunday night in the absence of the current church musician. He sat down and started playing organ and the rest is history.

Willie is currently Director of Music & Arts at the historic Mt. Olivet Baptist Church in Columbus, Ohio, where the honorable Dr. Charles E. Booth serves as Senior Pastor. Willie is responsible for the choirs, mime, dance and step ministries. Under his leadership the church began its Music Academy to help train and develop current and future music personnel. Willie has taught at Raise Productions, a local gospel music school headed by the renowned Dr. Raymond Wise. Willie also served as an adjunct faculty member at Columbus State Community College where he was the first Gospel Choir Director. Willie is currently an adjunct faculty member at Ohio Christian University teaching contemporary keyboard.

Willie has recorded two CD’s: ‘Flawless’ and ‘Awesome.’ The CD’s include all original music, written and arranged by Willie. You will find a variety of good music to teach to your choir and praise team.

Willie made his radio debut as co-host of the Gospel Music Radio Show (1580 WVKO) in Columbus, Ohio, in September, 2012.

Willie has served as the Music Director for the City Wide Revival Choir in Columbus, Ohio, (200 + voices) from 2009 - 2013. He also served as the Progressive National Baptist Regional Music Director for the youth department (over 150 voices) from 2003 to 2008.

Willie has had the opportunity to share the stage with some of gospel music's greatest artists, including: Dr. Mattie Moss Clark, The Clark Sisters, Fred Hammond, Commissioned, The Mississippi Mass Choir, and Lexi, to name a few.

Willie has shared his musical gifts and talents in various denominations such as: The Church of God In Christ, The Baptist Church, The Lutheran Church, The Catholic Church, The Methodist Church and Interdenominational churches. Willie has the unique ability to adapt to various environments and audiences in order to relay the gospel via song.

God has blessed Willie to obtain his Associate of Applied Science degree in Micro Computing Technology from Columbus State Community College, his Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology from Wilberforce University and his Master of Arts in Church Music degree from Trinity Lutheran Seminary. He went back to school again in December, 2010, and obtained his Licensed Practical Nurse Diploma (LPN).

Willie has been invited to numerous workshops, concerts, conferences, prisons, schools, and colleges to share the Good News thru music.Most recently Willie completed his Associate Degree in Nursing (August 2016) and successfully passed the state nursing board exam making him a Registered Nurse!


Young Adult Ministry

In the fall of 2013, Minister Alexander Roseboro, a young and didactic Man of God radiated to Mt. Olivet Baptist Church full of excitement and energy for leading young adults, 18-35 years old. He grew up in the church as a Disciple of Christ and was motivated by listening to various preachers like Rev. Dr. Charles E. Booth, Rev. Dr. Keith A. Troy and Rev. Dr. Kevin Dudley. “I want them to know that my learning was not in vain,” replied Minister Roseboro.

At the age of 10, he was baptized at Mt. Olivet Baptist Church. “My calling is to preach,” he said. “I can't remember a day when I wasn't preaching. I started at four or five years old while standing on my grandparents' fireplace. I've been doing this for long time,” he shared.

The Young People's Ministry is comprised of approximately 200 disciples. Caring about people is important to Minister Roseboro. One of his gifts is helping others to find their gift. “I want to please God. I want to do the best that I can in pleasing Him. I love being able to help others find things that they like to do and find their gifts in serving God,” he said.

Serving as Young Adult's Minister and working a full-time job is no easy task. Through prayer and supplication, Min. Roseboro has been able to acquire an amazing and supportive staff that has stepped up to the plate and helped out with the mission. Social media is a key source of communication for these young Christian innovators. They have a link on both Twitter and Facebook.

Scheduling, organization and delegation are key factors in getting the job done. “Text messaging helps out too!” he responded. Through divine intervention, he is able to “Figure out how God wants me to manage things.”

“Children are always welcome to attend our ministry events with their parents,” he encouraged. One of their most recent missions was discussed during their Soul Food Night. It meant getting young people of the church involved in Ohioan voting rights. Min. Roseboro explained, “I care too much about people to not want to be a preacher.”

“God has given me the ability to demonstrate how to make His word applicable to others. We want disciples and visitors to grow and mature as a Christians. Hear the word of God at Mt. Olivet Baptist Church. Then, learn how it applies to you in your life. When you do, other people will see you as different,” he explained.


Mountain Youth / Mountain Kids

Kimberly Sheppard has been a member of Mt. Olivet Baptist Church for over 25 years. Educated in Columbus, Ohio, she graduated with an Associate of Science in Business Administration degree from Franklin University in 2003. Currently she is a State of Ohio, Dept. of Mental Health Payroll Manager with 19 years of service. Kim is devoted and extremely active in the life of her church. She is the current Youth Director and was formerly the president of the Usher Ministry, the Youth Sunday School Assistant Director; she helped with the Men’s Shelter of Columbus, Meals-on-Wheels (Life Care Alliance), and was involved in several youth activities. She serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the Make It Happen Foundation. She is the mother of two adult children, but also utilizes her gifts of Exhortation and Service/Helps to encourage, support, and love all children. She is a servant of Christ.


Media & Technology

Robert Holman came to the Lord seven years ago here at Mt. Olivet Baptist Church.

His first two years were spent finding out who he is, who he was, and beginning a relationship with the Lord.

Following this discovery period, the Lord began to use the skills and knowledge He had put into Bro. Holman in his life before Christ. He now uses his twenty years of experience in computer technology and his life-time experience in live and recorded music to direct the media ministry down the path the Lord Almighty puts before him.