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Deacon Ministry


Ralph Gardner, III is the Chair of the deacon ministry at Mt. Olivet Baptist Church. He and Deacon Walter Torain are the leaders of the deacon ministry. The deacon ministry is a select group of men “of honest report, full of the Spirit and wisdom” (Acts 6:3). Deacon Gardner has been a disciple at Mt. Olivet Baptist Church since 1980. He is married to Carol and is the father of three adult children. Deacon Gardner is also an associate professor at The Ohio State University.


Walter Torain was born and raised in the inner city of Newark, New Jersey, being blessed with a mother and father who knew the Lord and the power of prayer. He developed a strong foundation that carried him to adulthood.


Brother Torain worked with the African American and the Latino population in both Newark and Paterson, New Jersey. He demonstrated a strong passion for infusing positive change in the community, with a focus on child and family services.

Brother Torain married his lovely wife (Johnie Torain) in 1977 and left New Jersey that same year and moved to Columbus, Ohio. He said that somehow he knew that this is where they needed to be. He was hired as a Child Protective Administrator for Franklin County Children Services in 1978 and provided management leadership for 33 plus years.

Most importantly, in 1978, his co-worker by the name of Cheryl George (married name Cheryl Noble) told him about this preacher at Mt. Olivet named Dr. Charles Edward Booth, and that he had to hear him preach. The next Sunday he went by himself and had an immediate life changing experience. He was 26 years old, grew up in the church and he reports that he had “never” heard the voice of God until then. He fell convicted, and before he knew it, he said his feet led him to the alter. He joined Mt. Olivet the first time he heard Dr. Booth preach and he knew he was home.

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Mt. Olivet is recognized across this country for its preaching, teaching and its high praise in song. If you are looking for Jesus, you can find Him here.

Walter said, "I now know why I followed my heart and left New Jersey. I left New Jersey to find my God through Mt. Olivet, and God’s appointed messenger, Dr. Charles Edward Booth.

I was sprinkled as a baby for baptism in the Catholic Church. But I was born again in 1979 through baptism in the name of the Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost, with full understanding of being washed clean in the Trinity."

Brother Torain received his Certificate of Mt. Olivet Membership (Discipleship) in that same year, 1979.

He was ordained to the office of Deacon in the year 2000, and currently holds the position of co-chair in the Deacon Ministry.

To God be the Glory.


Devotional Leader - Roy Davis
Secretary - Roy Davis


Deaconess Ministry



Min. Anita Walker & Deaconess Yvonne Gardner

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Secretary - Rosanne Chilton


Trustee Ministry


Stan Harris (Chairman): I believe God divinely chose to send me to Mt. Olivet and for Mt. Olivet to become ultimately, my church home. My continual nurturing, pportunities for service and the tremendous way my pastor and church family have displayed agape love to me and my family over the years has reinforced this fact for me many times over.       


 The officers for the Trustee Ministry are:
                                                                Stanley E. Harris, Chairman
                                                                Dr. Gene T. Harris, Vice Chairman
                                                                Thelma L. Carter, Treasurer
                                                                Carla Hicks, Secretary

Urban Resurrection Community Development Corporation


Chair: Mr. Marion White
Executive Director: Mrs. Sandra Harris